Baoba Beach


The history

An internationally operating European developer who fell in love with the beauty of this Caribbean island and the friendliness of the local people bought the land for the unspoiled ocean-front resort "Baoba Beach".

Going back and forth between Europe, New York and the Dominican Republic, he finally decided to move his internationally raised family to the DR with the aim to get to know the island even better and to create a distinctive private community for an international clientele.

The project & concept

Baoba Beach is located in a secluded bay on the North coast (“Costa Verde”) of the DR between Cabrera and Samana.

Most major airlines offer daily direct flights to Puerto Plata or Santo Domingo; the new International airport "El Catey" in Samana is less than 40 minutes away!

You can also get to “Baoba Beach” by helicopter, a heliport is onsite.

Baoba Beach offers a diversity of real estate options all preserving the natural environment:

  • Studio, duplex and penthouse apartments all with ocean-views
  • Oceanfront villas (starting in 2010)
  • Oceanfront lots
  • Lots at “Baoba Beach Country Villas” with panoramic views

You can rent, buy or build your exclusive island retreat at “Baoba Beach”.

The style of “Baoba Beach's” villas, apartments and common areas is sophisticated, classic and marked by traditional tropical elements, the interior echoes the landscape.


The investment

There are no restrictions for non-nationals to invest in real-estate and to obtain a property title.

Investments in real estate have increased considerably in value over the years and the new International Samana airport combined with the new highway Santo Domingo - Samana are giving this area an extra boost which is just starting now.

In addition “Baoba Beach” provides a rental pool program for the international sophisticated clientele.



Financing is available for qualified buyers.

1) Oceanfront lots

"La Levee du Soleil" offers 10 lots in the form of a half-moon ranging from 1600 m2 to nearly 7000 m2. 

lot #1 - 6943m2 - Sold

 lot #2 - 2868m2 - Sold

lot #3 - 2510m2 - Sold

lot #4 - 2478m2 - US$185,850

lot #5 - 1936m2 - Sold

lot #6 - 1715m2 - Sold

lot #7 - 1600m2 - Sold

lot #8 - 1691m2 - Sold

lot #9 - 2656m2 - US$199,200

lot #10 - 2707m2 - Sold


The price per m2 is US$ 85 plus a one-time connection fee of US$ 5000


At the main project of “Baoba Beach” 7 premium lots are being offered ranging from 2161 m2 to 4247 m2

lot #1 - 2590.38m2 - Sold

lot #2 - 3245.86m2 - US$324,586

lot #3 - 4194.28m2 - US$733,999

lot #4 - 3219.85m2 - Sold

lot #5 - 3243.25m2 - US$324,325

lot #6 - 4247.36m2 - US$743,288

lot #7 - 2161.54m2 - Sold

Prices per m2 range from US$ 85 till US$ 175 plus a one-time connection fee of US$ 5000


2) Lots with panoramic views at “Baoba Beach Country Villas”

Nestled on a hilltop with spectacular ocean views, these lots offer the solitude of the country sourrounded by mango and palm-trees coupled with the amenities of “Baoba Beach”.

20 separate lots will be offered for sale starting fall 2011.

google beach02

3) Apartments -

Studio apts

The size of the studio apts ranges between 55 m2 and 76 m2

The middle apts are being offered at US$109 000

The corner apts at US$119 000

studio01 studio02
studioapt01 studioapt03

Penthouse Apartments

The size of the penthouse apts ranges between 108 m2 and 114 m2

One or two-bedroom penthouse apartments apts are being offered at US$ 229 000 and US$ 249 000

4-bedroom penthouse on request


Duplex Apartments 

The size of the duplex apts ranges between 110 m2 and 124 m2

The middle duplex apartments are being offered at US$ 189 000

The corner apts at US$ 209 000

duplex-a duplex-b

4) Villas

Available in 2010

Other designs and sizes availabe upon request

villa-a villa-b
villa-c villaD

At Baoba Beach a wide range of amenities will be offered for your enjoyment and relaxation. With your Baoba Beach Club Card, you will be able to access the following amenities:

- Water sports (pool, surfing, diving / scuba, deep sea fishing)

- Baoba Beach tennis club & gym

- The beach-front juice and cocktail-bar "El Cobo"

- The restaurant and oyster-bar “The Seashell”

- The cigar-club “Cohiba” where you can enjoy a local cigar while playing a round of back-gammon or bridge

- The award-winning Robert Trent Jones golf course at Playa Grande

- Whale watching

- Excursions to "Los Haitises National Park", the "Laguna Gri-Gri" in Rio San Juan, to "Pico Duarte National Park" among others

- Wireless internet at your cappuccino-bar "Hola"

- Horseback riding and afterwards a relaxing massage

Please note that most amenities will require additional charges.

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aerial05 beach01
beach08 beach09
cp02 cv01
int01 pis02